Cristina Marquez Arroyo

Translator - Editor
BS Computer Sciences

Professional Translation Services

The highest quality, cost effective localisation and translation services from English into Spanish language and vice versa. Solid experience in Software Localisation and Computers related documentation. Call, Fax or e-mail us, we will get back to you by return.

Fields of expertise

  • Computer Science (Systems and Applications)
  • Software and Hardware documentation
  • On line help files, Bitmaps
  • Computer Based Instruction
  • Patents, Licenses and Contracts
  • Power plants
  • Applications Software (Medical, Industrial, ...)
  • Technical Information, Telecommunications
  • Marketing, Personnel Handbooks
  • Domestic Appliances
  • Educational Material - Children's Literature
  • Theology/Religion
  • And my favorite: Music, Opera and Ballet

Summary of qualifications

  • Experienced Translator with strong native writing skills in Spanish and English languages. Working bilingual experience in the Computer Science field in Argentina and the United States.
  • Full-time freelance at present.
  • Twenty years of experience in translation, editing and proof-reading.
  • Average of 75,000 words per month for firms in Argentina, Canada, France, Israel, Mexico, Spain, United States, Uruguay, and others.
  • New York State Certified Court and Administrative Hearing Interpreter.


BS Computer Science, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Professor of Exact Sciences, CONSUDEC, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Translator in English Language, National Professor's Institute, Argentina


  • IBM PC compatible
  • Laser Printer
  • Modem
  • Fax


  • Windows 95 - Windows 3.x
  • MS Word - Word Perfect
  • FrameMaker - PageMaker
  • Accent Publisher - Accent Professional
  • QuattroPro - Lotus - Excel
  • XL8

On line Services

  • Internet
  • Compuserve

Professional experience

Freelance Technical Translator 1985-present: Full-time

New York State 9th Judicial District, USA
1989-present: Certified Court Interpreter (Per Diem)

IBM Latin American Translation Centre
1978/1984: Editor - Technical Support Administrator.

BYTE Magazine, Spanish issue distributed monthly throughout Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.

Additional On-Site Localisation Services provided

  • We estimate the size and scope of your project to provide an accurate schedule and cost quotation.
  • We determine the cultural references specific to the target country and use international examples accordingly.
  • We design portability into your code from the start, thus avoiding expensive rewrites.
  • We assure that all international requirements are built into the design and implementation of the project.
  • We help writers to identify translation deliverables and support translation requirements.
  • We provide terminology lists and glossaries for every project.
  • We bundle the final product, including the updates to source files.
  • We ensure that the user information will be flexible, coherent and readily available to eliminate delays in launching the local Spanish versions of the product.
  • We check the final product to verify accuracy and consistency amongst actual software, on-line and hard-copy documentation.
All on-site services provided by Lic. Eduardo M. Camihort

  • MS in Computer Sciences
  • System Engineer - Consultant
  • Specialised in Software Localisation

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Cristina Marquez Arroyo
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